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How much memory do I need? / How much memory should I have?

The amount of memory you need depends upon how you use your computer. RAM is used every time you open an application, download, play a game or simply turn on your computer. Additionally if you work with or plan to work with digital audio and video more ram is a necessity.

It's safe to say you will see a performance improvement in at least one way or another by having at least 1GB, if your computer supports that much. For running today's computer software and operating systems, it's entirely reasonable to equip your computer with up to 4GB of memory. Few home computers make effective use of more than 2GB of memory, but many people go with more anyway for the satisfaction of "maxing out" the computer or the desire to utilize all the memory slots.

Basic User / Student
If you are surfing the internet, sending and receiving email, and doing word processing along with other applications, you can get by with 1GB but would benefit from going to 2GB.

Advanced User / Feel the need for Speed!
If you are running multiple applications, want to play the newer video games and/or work with graphics, you can get by with 1GB but your computer speed would benefit greatly by having 2-4GB.

Advanced Professional
If you work with high-end graphics; video/photo editing software; MMO, RPG or FPS Games, you can get by with 2GB but would benefit greatly by installing 4GB of memory or more. Right now our 1GB memory modules are available at incredibly low prices.

Graphics Design Professional
If you are, or plan to be, a professional graphics designer, use CAD or modeling software, digital images or video, you can get by with 2GB but would benefit from going to 4GB of memory or more.

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