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What is the difference between PC600, PC700 & PC800 RDRAM speed memory? Can I mix different speeds?

PC600, PC700, and PC800 are three different speeds of memory once available for RDRAM (Rambus dynamic random access memory) modules. Of the three, PC800 modules are the fastest, and PC600 modules are the slowest. (PC600 and PC700 are no longer being produced by any manufacturer)

We have shipped thousands of sticks of RDRAM so we can tell you with 100% certainty that you can use PC800 memory with your PC600 or PC700.


You CAN add faster modules to a slower system, but there is no real benefit to doing so. For example, you can add PC800 modules to a system that was designed for PC600 modules, but the PC800 memory will run at the PC600 speed.