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International Ordering Guidelines

For Rates and shipping methods please visit the International Shipping Methods page.

Duties and Taxes

Duties and taxes are the responsibility of the person receiving the shipment and will be due at the time of delivery. Please take this into consideration when ordering, as the amount will vary by country and 4 All Memory does not have access to these amounts.

Purchasing Requirements

Due to the high amount of credit card fraud (up to 25% of all international orders) we manually screen all International orders received. International orders over $300.00 may require funds to be processed by wire transfer, Certified Check or Money Order or Western Union.

Credit card processing agencies depend on address verification systems to ensure safe non fraudulent use of credit card payments. Unfortunately address verifications systems for International cards are not common.

Only American Express provides us with the ability to verify International credit cards. Due to this we highly recommend you use your American Express to complete your transaction. The use of cards other than American Express may delay the shipment of your order due to the manual verification process.

If using a card other than American Express, a recent copy of a current credit card statement should be faxed to 314-856-4098, or emailed to This will allow us to contact the issuing bank to verify the billing address associated with the credit card. If you prefer not to send this information, please place your order by wire transfer or Western Union.

Some International orders will be required to provide additional security information (this may include scans of your credit card and/or identification). You will receive an email from us on how to send this information secure, if the information is required.

4 All memory comes with a lifetime warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. Shipping costs are not refundable. All shipments will require a signature at delivery.