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Seagate External Hard Drives

Seagate is the largest hard drive manufacturer in the world. It has been in the hard drive business since the end of the 70’s, doing a wonderful job and, if you are interested in an external storage device, you can definitely use one of the Seagate external hard drives.

If you are looking for portability and small size, the FreeAgent GoFlex Ultraportable Drive is the ultimate solution. Available in two sizes, 14,5mm and 22 mm, it can offer you as much as 1,5 TB storage capacity. And if you combine it with some other devices from the GoFlex family, you can even access your content on the TV. Not to mention that it can be upgraded to USB 3.0.

If you just need the storage, there are also the Seagate Expansion external drives, with up to 2 TB storage capacity. And if that isn’t enough, the FreeAgent GoFlex Desk External Drive can carry up to 3 TB of data, lets you upgrade to a faster interface, the USB 3.0, and comes with powerful encryption software, protecting your privacy.

Seagate external hard drives can really deliver when it comes to speed, storage space, safety of the data, portability and size.