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Affiliate Program


The Affiliate Network is a great way to earn money via your Web site. By sending traffic from your site to 4AllMemory using image or text links provided, we will pay you a commission on the sales generated from these links. As a member of our Affiliate Network, we want you to be successful and know that we offer one of the most rewarding affiliate programs in the industry.

Why Should I Join?

Your membership in our Affiliate Network will allow you to take advantage of the multi-billion dollar market for computer and technology products. As one of the largest memory/ram providers in the world, 4AllMemory offers the stability and resources you need to be successful.

How Do I Get Started?

To become an affiliate of 4 All Memory, please read the terms and conditions of our affiliate program. Applicants must accept the terms and conditions contained in this document by clicking on the "I agree to the Terms and Conditions" button at the bottom of the application page. You will then be directed to fill out our application.

Review the Affiliate Terms & Conditions

How Does the Commission Structure Work?

At, our higher average sale prices mean higher commissions. We'll start you off with 8% and increase that to 10% based on your sales for the month.

How Can I Earn More Money?

  1. 4AllMemory pays "Special Incentives" and bonuses from time to time.
  2. If your site drives a high volume of sales you may be eligible for an even higher flat dollar amount of commission

What Additional Benefits Are Included With My Membership?

Monthly Payments - Compensation on applicable commissioned sales are paid monthly, with the minimum amount equaling $25. Any balance under $25 for the month carries over to the next month.

25 Return Days - If a customer comes back to our site and makes a purchase within 25 days of linking from your site, we will pay you commission on that sale.

Your Choice of Link Types - We offer a variety of links and banners featuring incentives to connect your visitors to 4AllMemory. If you know of something you want and you don't see it, let us know. We'll create it for you.

Feel free to contact us at or call 314-856-4002 and ask for our Affiliate Manager.