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RAM Memory Upgrades

Adding computer memory is a cheap way to boost your system's performance and prolong it's life. It's as easy as finding your model using our memory configurator, purchasing the right amount of memory for your needs and using our handy installation guides to help install it in your computer!

If you're unsure about how much is currently in your system you can easily check by using the Check My System scanner or by going to My Computer > System Properties (for Windows users) or About This Mac icon (Apple users). Still need help? Contact us and we're happy help walk you through checking your system.

How much computer memory you need depends on what you use your computer for. Here are some typical scenarios and how much memory they require.

Here's what you do:

Here's what you need:

Home & Family
Some word processing, some e-mail and internet use such as social networking sites
1GB – 3GB
Advanced Home User
Word processing, e-mail, some games, simple graphics programs, spreadsheets; typically two or more applications open at once
Note: Very few modern games will run well with less than 1GB
2GB – 4GB
Small Business / Advanced Multimedia & Games
Word processing, e-mail, Flash and internet based games, spreadsheets, business graphics programs; typically three or more applications open at once
2GB – 4GB
Heavy Graphics Design / Professional & Gamer
Advanced CAD and/or Adobe CS4 Suites, high end games such as MMOs, RPGS and FPS with multitasking and multiple browsers open
4GB Minimum
Preferably 8GB and up

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