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Compact Flash Card Reader

src= You have just bought yourself a new notebook and you are really happy it has a card reader. But when you try to download your old pictures on it, you discover that your flash card doesn’t fit in, and you remember how the maid accidentally threw away the connection cable from your camera a couple of weeks ago.

Scenario 2: You are on a trip and you record something vital on your phone. Unfortunately, its speakers are two small and you can’t play it on your notebook because you forgot to pack the connection cable and there’s no other way to access the information from your micro SD card on your computer.

Solution: This is your lucky day. The perfect device for any of these scenarios, and more, is a compact flash card reader. A small device that connects to the usb port on your computer and allows you to access, without any adapters, all of your flash cards. Phone, camera, and even PSP will always be able to stay in touch with your computer without the use of their connection cables. The compact flash card reader will read almost any type of memory card and you will fiind it in our store at an amazing price.