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Computer Memory Finder for Upgrading

src= are a number of ways to find out what the right memory upgrade is for your computer, but a computer memory finder is the easiest. Memory cards aren't universally compatible, and you don't want to buy the wrong stick for your computer. This is where a computer memory finder is helpful.

The automatic version is basically an online tool that you can find on several websites that will scan your computer, identify what the model is, and recommend memory upgrades. For the most part, you will download an executable file and run it. It will then perform the task. Most automatic memory finders are compatible with Windows or Mac, but not Linux.

With some computer memory finder programs, there is an option to enter your computer's information yourself. This is of great assistance for Linux users. This process involves selecting your computer's manufacturer, make and model. For example: Dell (manufacturer) Dimension (make) 2400 (model). It will then show you the recommended upgrades.