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Computer Memory Manufacturers

src= are a lot of computer memory manufacturers on the market today and choosing between them can prove itself to be an impossible task. Some of the most well-known names include Kingston, Corsair, Crucial and Mushkin, but there are a lot more out there that do a great job.

What you should know is that the brand shouldn’t count that much when choosing. It’s the compatibility with your system that is at stake here. If you either change or upgrade your computer’s memory, you should try to choose a model that will work with your current hardware and configuration, and one that makes your computer work faster, not slower.

Sometimes, the motherboard manufacturers recommends some brands of RAM that have been tested. If they don’t, you should first think about what you want from your RAM. If you want to overclock it, you should probably choose a different brand than if you were just a regular user.zaz

And it basically comes to that distinction, between regular everyday computer users and the rest. For a regular user, almost any type of computer memory works. For a more professional user, it won’t be the same, and that’s where the different computer memory manufacturers come into the scene.