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How much RAM do I need?

To get the right amount of memory it really depends on what you are doing. It is safe to say that in general, the more the better.

When it comes to adding system memory, the general rule of thumb is the more, the better.

Most new computers ship with the minimum amount of memory necessary to make the OS application run. Research shows that, in most cases, doubling the amount of memory in your computer gives you a noticeable performance boost. This is especially true with today's newer office applications and graphics intensive games. In short, by adding more ram you will be able to run more programs at once and your system will be less likely to freeze up or act strangely. We've got tips for upgrading your memory if you've recently purchased Windows 7, click here for the Windows 7 Memory Requirements.

Money Saving Tip

If the memory upgrade you are looking at will fill all the slots in your system, get as much memory as you can. Once your slots are filled up, you'll have to remove one or more of the existing memory modules to make room for newer, larger ones. Don't forget, all memory orders qualify for FREE SHIPPING.

How Much Total Memory Do You Need?

You have already learned that more memory is better, but perhaps you are asking what's the minimum amount of memory you need? In general, most current operating systems run best with at least 1GB of RAM, and preferably 2GB or more. For each application you plan to run you need to calculate and add additional memory. We have created a handy chart for you below that should be helpful.

Here's what you do:

Here's what you need:

Home & Family
Some word processing, some e-mail and internet use such as social networking sites
1GB – 3GB
Advanced Home User
Word processing, e-mail, some games, simple graphics programs, spreadsheets; typically two or more applications open at once
Note: Very few modern games will run well with less than 1GB
2GB – 4GB
Small Business / Advanced Multimedia & Games
Word processing, e-mail, Flash and internet based games, spreadsheets, business graphics programs; typically three or more applications open at once
2GB – 4GB
Heavy Graphics Design / Professional & Gamer
Advanced CAD and/or Adobe CS4 Suites, high end games such as MMOs, RPGS and FPS with multitasking and mulitple browsers open
4GB Minimum
Preferably 8GB and up