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Installing Mac Mini Memory

src= you're installing mac mini memory, it's best to observe certain precautions. If you don't, you could destroy your Mac Mini, memory card or you could injure yourself. Here's how to do it safely:

  1. Turn off and unplug your Mac Mini before you open it. Also, you should wear an anti-static strap or gloves to prevent damaging your Mini or memory card.
  2. Flip the Mac Mini over and twist the bottom cover counter clockwise. Press down on one side, so that the other pops up, and remove the cover.
  3. The memory modules should be easy to spot. Pull the tabs out sideways until the first memory stick pops up on the free end. Do the same for the second memory stick, which is just underneath the first one.
  4. Place the first memory upgrade's notched end into the bottom slot at an angle. Once it's in, press down on the other end until the retaining tabs snap into place. Repeat this process with the other memory upgrade.
  5. Replace the bottom cover by aligning the dot on the cover to the blank dot on the case. Then turn the bottom cover clockwise until it lines up with the filled-in dot.
  6. Plug it back in, turn it on and verify that the memory was installed correctly by watching the memory test when it boots.