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Mac Book Pro Memory Upgrade

src= time goes on, you will eventually need a Mac Book Pro memory upgrade if you're using a mac book pro. Memory upgrade service costs more than necessary—it's not hard to change the memory if you know what you're doing. Here's what you do:

Unscrew the bottom plate from your mac book pro and remove the cover. You should make sure that you aren't carrying a static charge, since this will ruin your computer and your memory upgrade. You can either discharge the static by touching the computer's metal frame, or preferably use an anti-static wristband or wear anti-static gloves.

The existing memory card should look like the one you just bought. Locate it, and push the retaining tabs away from the center until the memory card pops out. Only touching it by its sides, remove it.

Unpack the new memory card, again only touching it by its edges. Place it in the slot in the same position the old memory card was in. Press the new memory card into place until you hear a click. Screw the bottom plate back on the computer, reboot and verify that your computer registers the memory upgrade. If it doesn't register, try reseating the memory upgrade before considering that it's a faulty memory upgrade.