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Upgrade Modules Installed- Dell Inspiron 4000

Upgrade Memory For Dell Inspiron 4000

256MB PC100 SDRAM Memory

Part No: 4289871


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Image Product Name Part No Price Quantity Order
256MB SDRAM PC100 SODIMM CL3 16x8 256MB PC100 SDRAM Memory 4289871 $18.45
128MB SDRAM PC100 SODIMM CL3 8x16 128MB PC100 SDRAM Memory 4289872 $9.23
64MB SDRAM PC100 SODIMM 4x16 CL2 64MB PC100 SDRAM Memory 4289870 $22.55


It is common for people to upgrade the modules in their computers in order to improve performance. It may also be necessary to change out certain modules in order to repair issues with a computer. If you need help figuring out how to upgrade the modules installed- Dell Inspiron 4000, this article can help.

The Inspiron 4000 is an older laptop model from Dell. Anyone who owns this computer may want to think about upgrading its components or replacing it with a more current machine. However, if you only need the computer for Internet access and word processing programs, it will probably do just fine.

There are several components that are associated with the modules in your laptop. For instance, there is a memory module, a microprocessor module, and there are also module latch assemblies. The latch assemblies are the part of the machine that keeps everything in place.

Before you try to make any upgrades on your own, you should do some research and understand your computer. This means that you need to figure out what kinds of hardware upgrades can be made and which kinds cannot. All hardware will not work in all computers.

Consult with the manual for additional information on your computer. The manual will contain important troubleshooting information. It will also provide you with instructions on how to find the different modules. You can also access this information online.

Whenever you change your modules, you need to be very careful. There is always a risk of hurting yourself or damaging your machine. Before you perform any kind of work on the computer, disconnect it from any attached devices and power sources. Also, remove the batteries.

If you are planning on upgrading the modules installed- Dell Inspiron 4000 - you can do so yourself. Be sure to take care when doing so and enlist the help of an experienced professional if necessary.